About Us

Edclave is a company based in Victoria, Canada. Founded in October, 2018 to make sure that Edsu has a commercial provider.


Heath Johns I've been working in the tech industry, mostly with startups, for 25 years, and hold a business degree from Royal Roads University. My hobbies include practically everything at some point, and doing none of it remotely well. I love my peoples, electronics design, FPGAs, Rust, and thinking unusually far into future of technology. I'm also the creator of the Edsu protocol, and the founder of the Forever Computer Project. Email me a heath@edclave.com.
Peter the Dog Pete's most important jobs are to allow me to say "we" instead of "I" on this site, and to make sure I take breaks from the keyboard at regular intervals for wrist tendon exercises that suspiciously involve lots of belly rubs.